หมวดหมู่ : Mobile DVR



4/8CH HD HDD MDVR is a cost-effective and high extendibility mobile digital video recorder (MDVR), developed especially for vehicle monitoring and remote video surveillance.  It adopts high speed processor and embedded Linux system, combined with the most advanced technology of H.265 coding/decoding, 3G/4G network, GPS/BD and WIFI.  It supports 1080p,720p,D1,resolution video recording, vehicle driving record and video remote uploading. With the central software can do central remote monitoring based on alarm linkage, vehicle intelligent dispatch management and playback analysis based on central database. This device is competitive in anti-vibration, more rich function, high reliability, concise appearance and simple to deploy. 

Key Features:

The interface can operate reliably and stably in complex environments
Video encoding H.265, H.264 is optional
Support 4G WIFI and GPS functional modules
Supports a 2.5-inch optional SSD/HDD hard disk
Supports one SD card
Rich peripheral interfaces
Support external UPS battery life
High scalability

Product Size

Panel & interface


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