หมวดหมู่ : Mobile DVR



8CH HD HDD MDVR is a  high-performance and highly extensible product specially developed for vehicle-mounted video monitoring and remote video monitoring. It adopts a self-pop-up structure design of hard disk, high-speed processor NT98323 and embedded operating system, and integrates IT cutting-edge field H.264/H.265 video compression/decompression, 4G network, GPS/BD positioning and other technologies. It has the characteristics of strong earthquake resistance, simple appearance, flexible and convenient installation, comprehensive function and high reliability. Suitable for public security police, financial escort, long-distance passenger transport, roadadministration inspection and other vehicle movement monitoring fields.

Key Features:

Industrial-grade design with special vehicle port for reliable working on harsh environment.

Wide voltage support over-load ,short circuit ,reverse connect protection.
UPS power for continual work.
Support hard disk 2TB+ SD card 256G for record storage.
4G/WIFI transmit; multiple grade image quality transmitting option.
GPS/BD/GLONASS global positioning.
Powerful software platform including remote preview, playback, broadcast, talk and more.
 IP communication.
PTT group talk function.
Support multiple serial port extension.

Product Size

Panel& interface

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