Aviation spring line 4-Pin Extension Cable for Rear view Camera Truck Trailer


หมวดหมู่ : Accessories


1.Good flexibility and flexibility, different lengthening lengths can meet your 
different needs.
2.High wear resistance, good weatherability, UV resistance, heat resistance and 
flame retardance.
3.Waterproof, moisture resistant, anti wind, cold proof, antibacterial, mildew 
proof, and anti microbial, an environment-friendly flexible cable.
4.Used for various on-board monitoring wiring.monitoring video connections, etc.
Name: Aviation spring line
OD: 4.5
Length: 5M/ 6M / 8M/ 10M for option
Interface type: 4P aircraft female + 4P aviation male
Material: PVC quilt, pure copper core
Category: Car Aviation Line
Working current: 1-2A
Specifications: 4 core + aluminum foil shield
Working voltage: 12-24V
Colour: Black
Ambient temperature: -20-105 degrees Celsius
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